In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

O People! Verily We have created you from a man and woman
and we made you into various tribes and creeds
for the purpose of mutual recognition
(not discrimination and racial pride).
Verily the most prestigious and honoured amongst you
is he who fears God most.
Verily, Allah (God) is All Knowing, All Aware.

Quick Stops – a list of must see pages! with Mufti Ebrahim Desai – Ask the Imam Q & A online
Al Q and A by Mufti Taqi Uthmani Matrimonials 3.0 – free online matrimonial service; post or view ads, with pictures.
Jamiatul Ulama KZN – plethora of Islamic resources, alerts, and articles – Sh. Hamza Yusuf’s Zaytuna Institute; offers classes locally in the SF Bay Area, and also on the internet. – The Rahima Foundation assists Muslims; serves the needy and less fortunate. – Islamic Network Group, teaching America about Islam since 1993
Maktabaai-Thanwi – articles and resources, fatawa from Ahlus Sunnah scholars.
Understanding the Four Mathhabs – the problem with anti-Mathhabism – by Abdul Hakim Murad
What is a Mathhab? Why is it necessary to follow one? – by Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller
Ahlus Sunnah Portal – Islamic search engine, articles; Islam’s natural toothbrush (siwaak), duas, and more.
Islamic Halal Food Monitor of Canada – great resource on finding “true Halal” products
The Online Islamic Bookstore – tons of Islamic books software, gifts, at great prices. Audio Library – featuring Qur’an recitation of Sa’ad al Ghamdi Islamic Directory and Resource

Ahl as-Sunnah Wal Jama’a…


Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hanbal
al-Imam al-Azam Abu Hanifa
Al-Maqasid of Imam al-NawawiHanbali Fiqh
Imam Abu Hanifah: His Life and Work
Imam al-Shafi’i and His Method of Jurisprudence
The Fundamental Principles of Imam Malik’s Fiqh
The Hanafi Madh’hab- My Love and My Choice
The Muwatta’ of Imam Malik
Usul al-fiqh al-islami


Ahlus Sunnah Portal – – Search engine, articles (prophecies, beard, social conduct), free matrimonials, Quran search/browse, tons of audio, articles, clip-art and more.
Hizmet Online Books
Islamic Gateway
IslamicVoice (South Africa) Home Page – articles, alerts, large selection of Islamic literature (all in English)
Mas’ud Ahmed Khan’s Homepage – many informative articles by various shaykhs on Ahlus Sunnah
The Ahl as-Sunnah Web Page – a vast collection of Islamic information, including articles on belief and practice
The Muslims of the Americas
The Imam Abu Hanifa Website
As Sidq min Siddq – excellent resource in law, beliefs, etiquette, halal/haram
Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments) by Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaavi
Islamic Institution Jamia Binoria Pakistan – halaal stocks resources, fatwa QA, Islamic Banking
Jamiat USA
Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal
Dharb-i-Mumin – Afghani News
The Palestine Information Center
Darul Ehsan: Tasawwuf | Islamic info
Hijri/Gregorian calendar, date conversion program for Windows
One Day an Ordinary American; The Next Day a Terrorist –
Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam | Ahmadiyya: what is it about
The Muslims of the Americas

Following One Mathhab

Understanding the Four Mathhabs – the problem with anti-Mathhabism – by Abdul Hakim Murad
Who are the Ahl As-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah?
What is a Mathhab? Why is it necessary to follow one? – by Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller
Aqeeda of the True Salaf As-Salihoon
Bid’a in Sunnah and Shari’ah
Deception of the Salafi Sect
Imam Abu Hanifa versus the “Salafi’s”
Salafis Unveiled
Reforming Classical Texts
The Wahhabis’ Ijtihads are False
The Wahhabi Who Loved Beauty
Taqlid: On the Necessity of Following Qualified Scholarship
Muhammad Sa’id al-But vs. A Salafi Teacher
Fatwa of Shaykh Murabtal Haaj
Taraweeh – 8 or 20?? Final answer: 20
Evidence for 20 Raka’ats in Taraweeh


Angels in the Holy Qur’an (Surah 35)


Alcohol in cosmetics and perfumes
Don’t Spread Evil
Is Your Ghusl Correct?
Muslim Articles
Obtain Allah Ta’ala’s Guaranteed Protection
Social Conduct in Islam
The Beard in Islam
To the people of the World
What is sin?
Miswaak: Islam’s Natural Toothbrush!
The Declarations of Faith (Kalimahs)

Audio…Speaker Audio Library – featuring Sa’ad al-Ghamdi Qur’anic recitation
Radio Al-Islam
Radio Al-Islam Channel RA 100
Radio Islam
The ICB Islamic Audio Studio (Real Audio, TrueSpeech, Wave)
Voice of Islam
Download RealPlayer

Abdul Basit Complete Qur’anic recitation |Al-Qur’an Sound
Abu Bakr ash Shaatri Surah Al-Ahzaab (Ayas 1-6)
Saad al Ghamdi Audio Library | Surah An-Naba’ (complete)
Shaikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary Complete Qur’anic recitation
Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais Surah Al-Buruuj (Complete) | Complete On-Line Recitation
Shaykh Huthayfi Select Surahs

Beard in Islam…

The Importance of the Beard
The Shar’i length of the Beard
Trimming of the Beard


Hijri-Gregorian (and vice versa) Date Converter program for Windows
Gregorian-Hijri Dates Converter
Ramadhan – The Sacred Month Of Islam Ramadhan Info Page
The Islamic (Hijri) Calendar
The Holy Month of Ramadan


The Year for Pragmatic Reform- 1421 A.H.
The matyrdom of Hadhrat Imam Husain Radiallhu Ta’ala Anhu
Karbala: Unmasked
The Month of Muharram
Fasting on Ashura | Hidden Values

Du’as (supplications)
Ramadhan Duas
Taraweeh Prayer
How many rakats are there in Tarawih Prayer? 20 (36) or 8 because some people makes 8 rakats Taraweeh also?
Evidence for 20 Raka’ats in Taraweeh
Fasting ( with Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Category: Fasting)
I live in Saudi Arabia, and want to know how to calculate the time for sehri to end. Sunrise at the moment is 6am. Jazakallah
Is it permissible to brush teeth while fasting?
I accidently drank water during my nafil fast and realized immediately what I had done.
Does my wife have to keep the fasts that she has missed in ramadhaan due to her periods?
Is it permissible to not eat for days breaking the fast with water or drink only?
Is a pregnant woman or one who has just delivered, permitted to fast in the month of Ramadhaan?
Is it permissible to make up for the days missed during the month of Ramadhaan while people are fasting the six days in the month of Shawwal?

Arabic/English/Arabic Dictionary
Islamic Glossary
Islamic Glossary
Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts
Glossary of Islamic Terms


Academic Research
American Open University Islamic Schools of North America
Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion Page of Prof. Alan Godlas
Islamica Collection at UCB
K-12 Muslim Educational Institutions
Naqshbandiya Foundation for Islamic Education
The Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (IIASA)

Etiquette (Aadaab)…

Adaab (Etiquettes)
Adaab of Correspondence
Adaab (etiquettes) of Conversation
Adaab (etiquettes) of Holy Qur’an
Adaab of using Siwak/Miswak
Bathroom Etiquette
Charity – Superior hand is better than the inferior hand
Eating correctly according to Sunnah
Muslim’s Character
Social Conduct in Islam
Sunnah way of Dressing
Sunnahs of the Night
Sunnahs of Eating
Virtues of Amaamah
Sunnah and Reward of Miswaak
Ahadeeth of the Importance of following the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam
The Aadab of Sleeping
Upbringing of Children, Disciplining of Children – an Islamic Perspective
Sunnah way of Dressing
Sunnahs of the Night
Sunnahs of Eating
Virtues of Amaamah
Sunnah and Reward of Miswaak
Ahadeeth of the Importance of following the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wasallam

Food Guidelines…

Halal and Haram Foods
Guide to Halal Food & ingredients
IFANCA – Islamic food and nutrition council of America
Islamic Halal Food Monitor of Canada – great resource on finding “true Halal” products
Halaal Guidelines for a Muslim Diet

French Sites on Islam – converts page, misconceptions about Muslims, articles, en Francais.
Islam Fratern’Net – Mohammad Aine Alibhay
La Page de l’Islam – Mouhammad Patel
La page d’Imran Omarjee

Genocide and Hate…

Afghanistan: Facts and Realities under Taleban Administration
Taliban and Afghanistan – the facts
The Feminist Movement – the Naked Truth
Muslims Living in Non-Muslim Lands – Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah
Chechnya: Chechnya Online |
Kashmir: Genocide in Kashmir
Iraq Action Coalition
The Life of a Palestinian
The Qana Massacre
Violations of Human Rights and U.N. Mandate in Kashmir

Head Dress…

Head Cover for men
Islamic Dress and Head Dress for Men


Historical Events and Turning Points in Islam
Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East
Islamic History Course | Map of Islamic Conquests
Medieval Sourcebook: The Islamic Conquest of Spain
Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
Glimpses of Islamic Civilization
Islamic World and the Western Renaissance
Muslims in China and South-East Asia
Muslims in the Americas Before Columbus
Quotations on Moorish (Islamic) Civilization


Islamic Humor
Hamid Syed’s Humor Page


Islamic calligraphy and clipart
Islamic Splash Screens for Windows
MSA @ UB – Architectural Images

Islamic Resources…

About Islam and Muslims
Discover Islam
Council on American – Islamic Relations
Hajj Information Page
Info on Islam
Incarcerated Muslims Resource Access Network – a hub to many Islamic sites for beginners – Ahlus Sunnah Portal – Qur’an, audio, free matrimonials, dua’s, prophecies, search engine
Islamic Information Office – contains many articles, resources, for all
Prof. Godlas Islam Page – an excellent, well rounded resource of comparitive religion info
Salaam Cyberway: A Comprehensive Muslim Information Resource
The Ellahie Law Firm – Muslim Law Firm in the SF Bay Area, at your service.
The Islam Page
The Islam WebRing
The Official Muslim Site of Islamic Culture in Central & Eastern Europe – in Poland, masha-Allah!
Yusuf Islam’s UK Islamic Education WAQF

Jesus (Isa A.S.) in Islam…

Barnabas and Jesus
Isa/Jesus (A.S.) and his 2nd coming in Islam
Jesus Christ A.S. in Christianity and Islam
Jesus A.S. predicted Muhammad PBUH
Jesus A.S. Will Descend at the End of Time
Sayings of Jesus A.S. al-Ghazali’s collection

Misconceptions about Islam…

The “Sword” of Islam
Human Rights In Islam
Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam
Veiled? One Muslim woman on her choice to veil
Freedom for Headscarf