Who are Mirzahees (ahmadees) and what are their beliefs

Ahmadiyya Movement is following in the footsteps of Christian Missionaries and is engaged in actively misguiding ignorant unsuspecting Muslims into their fold by pretending to be Sunni Muslims and Champions of Islam.

Their tactics include setting up centres, clinics, schools, publishing weekly/monthly literature in upto 120 languages, publishing distorted translations of Holy Quran in various languages. They have 24 hour TV broadcasts by the name of MTA via Global Beam, costing around U$75000 per day. In addition they have daily Radio broadcasts in several languages from various bands.

Question is who is paying for such enormous propaganda campaign? Qadianis/Ahmadis would have us believe that it is their donations, but one would be very naive to believe that. However this issue can be easily understood when one looks at this movement in historical perspective.

In 19th Century, British usurped the power from the Muslims when they landed in India.As a result they faced repeated Movements of Jihad from the Muslim quarters. In 1868 a Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry came to India, consisting of MPs, Journalists and Church Officials, to find a solution of this spirit of Jihad. They submitted their report in 1870 to the British Parliament, entitled ‘THE ARRIVAL OF BRITISH EMPIRE IN INDIA’. In this report they recommended that the mentality of Muslims is such that if they accept someone as their religious leader then they follow him blindly. If someone can be found who claim to be an apostolic prophet then the target can be achieved, since Muslims are waiting for the coming of a Messiah and Mahdi. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was chosen for the task for his ancestral links with the British Raj.

Mirza Ghulam launched himself as a Rejuvenator of Islam and a servant of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam). Soon some followers gathered around him, consisting some of the Government employees who wanted to please the Raj. However some of these followers sincerely believed in Mirza’s claims of being a servant of Islam. He formed Ahmadiyya Movement in 1890. Soon Mirza claimed to be Messiah, Imam Mahdi and a prophet in his own right. Servant became the Master! In this capacity he abrogated Jihad.

Despite protests from Muslims, Mirza and his movement flourished under the benevolent of the British Raj. Muslims could do little to contain this heretical doctrine that was being grafted into the body of Islam. Mirza died in 1908 while Ahmadiyya Movement continue to enjoy support from the Colonial Masters, who utilised their services as Spies in various Muslim countries during the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

With the Independence of Pakistan, Ahmadiyya Movement regained new life under the patronage of Sir Zafarullah Khan, the 1st Foreign Minister of this newly founded country. Taking advantage of the chaotic situations, he filled the Civil, Foreign, Judicial and Military Services with Qadiani followers. Every Pakistan Foreign Post in various parts of the world effectively served as a Qadiani base and at the expense of Government of Pakistan, missionary centres were established in different countries. Rapid promotions were given to those who converted to Qadianism or were Qadiani sympathisers. This resulted in serious uprising by the Muslims in early 1950s which was brutally crushed by the police and army, imposing Martial Law in parts of Punjab.Government wanted to remove Sir Zafarullah Khan but USA threatened to stopped the supply of grain to this new Islamic Republic in its infancy!

However the first serious blow came to this Movement when Islamic Scholars of 124 countries met under the auspices of Rabita Alam Islam (Muslim World League) in Makkah and declared Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his followers as apostates and out of the fold of Islam. Soon Pakistani Parliament by a unanimous vote passed a Constitutional Amendment declaring Qadianis as a non-Muslim minority. Thus the fate of this Jama’at was sealed for ever. However by that time they were well entrenched in various parts of Africa and West. In the name of Persecution on religious grounds, they started getting immigration/asylum in various countries.

With the fall of Communism and break down of Russia, West suddenly realised that the threat of Islamic revival in much more dangerous than communism ever was. Reports that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the Western Hemisphere are disturbing indeed for them. Various strategies are being adopted to contain this threat of Islam and supporting Ahmadiyya Movement is one such strategy. Making a person Qadiani, is one Muslim less. West knows that and Ahmadiyya Movement Hierarchy knows that too but just as they played the role of spies in the WW, they are willing to play the role of fifth columnists among the Muslims, trapping them with their pious fraud in the name of Islam.

Now one can understand the following report: “BIG SUM TO SPREAD QADIANISM IN AFRICA” Some of the Christian Missionaries working in Ethiopia fixed a sum of U$35 million to spread the evil faith of Qadianism. Moreover, these Christian missionaries printed new versions of the books of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the Apostate and started distributing it in the Republic of Ghana, in addition to other publications of the same faith which have already invaded book shops of the Ghanaian Capital “Accra.” (Al-Khaleej Arabic Newspaper date 22-12-1989)

Jama’at Ahmadiyya has special links with the Zionist state. Ahmadiyya Headquarter play host to the Jewish Dignitaries from Israel. (Khatme Nabuwat Magazine Vol. 9. No. 5, P.8) Kababeer is town of strategic importance, located on Mount Karmel, overlooking the Athleeth Harbour and it Naval Base and Ordinance factory on one side and the Haifa Harbour on the other. 99% population of this town is Palestinian Arab belonging to Qadiani community. Zionists have known to displace/eliminate Palestinians from areas of much less importance. The village of Dier Yassin was wiped from the face of earth, killing all its inhabitants. And yet the same Zionists continue to tolerate Qadianis residence at such an important place for obvious reasons. Jama’at Ahmadiyya publishes its Arabic propaganda literature by the name of Al Bushra, from this place for distribution among the Arab World.

Despite all these facts, Muslims are least bothered. Alas! The caravan has lost its possessions. Worse, it has lost its sense of loss! You can’t hope from such people.